A Patriotic Lamppost

A Patriotic Lampost (June 2013) - oil on panel, 8in x 9in. 1200px@72dpi

A Patriotic Lamppost – oil on panel, 200mm x 230mm


This is the first of  two more still-lifes I had wanted to do for the exhibition Fraser & I held in Lincoln Cathedral, but which I never managed to paint because I ran out of time. Whilst preparing that body of work I had purposely left this idea further down in the queue since it was certainly a little bit stranger than the others, and definitely didn’t seem quite as “saleable” as those featuring the cathedral itself so prominently. But since these lampposts litter Lincoln, I kept seeing them after the show and was reminded again and again about the idea I’d had, and thus this.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out I know nothing. When I sent this along with what I thought was it’s more saleable counterpart to my gallery, this was the one which sold first. I guess it’s just that my collectors have discerning eyes and as unusual tastes in art as I do.

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Framed Shot:



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