For an oil painter, I am fairly well obsessed with watercolour – especially as a means to just throw some colour about without really worrying about the outcome. It’s quite relaxing really after painting so tightly all day. But anyway in a strange fit of I don’t know what I bought this piece of hideous plastic:


I was totally enamoured with the fact that it had a in built water bottle type thing, meaning I’d have to carry less with me when I go “en plein air” with my watercolours.¬†Out, then, I did go, only to find after returning home my bag & its contents thoroughly drenched due to the sheer rubbishness of the kit’s only selling point, and my picture all smeared & ruined leaving me resigned to have to continue lugging my large, metal studio palette around the great outdoors again:


But then I found this admittedly too expensive little beauty but, with some shameless flirting with the shop’s sales lady, got myself enough of a discount to justify buying it:


So now I can tramp around the landscape armed with a much lighter bag full of my colours & kit & stuff, to paint my fun but very epigonic watercolours.


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