After a dark & dreary day of painting which resulted in nothing more than a few wasted hours, the best I can show you is more Project: Cathedral teasing:


If you squint at it, you can just about make out the snowflake!


Irrelevant Editorial Aside:

The saddest thing about Russell Brand’s “My Booky Wook”  – apart from the fact that I’ve just read it – is that he cites more than once the great Bill Hicks as a strong, early influence on his own work. If you take out Brand’s adolescent hijinks & legendary carousing, I suppose the two do have profligate drug use in common, but beyond that? Nope, I’m just not seeing it.

Anyway I listen to Hicks often when I work, and  find that despite knowing his material completely by heart I still on occasion have to stop due to laughing too much to continue painting. Having Brand’s stand-up comedy coming on iTunes would probably stop me working also, but only for the moment it would take to switch it off.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greg, Gill’s aunt, we sat next each other at the party for Pauline and Bob. Saw one of your pics today. Absolutely amazing, The miniature painting of cathedral was brilliant but the rest of it I couldn’t believe. I wanted to peel it off! Hope you have lots of success in your career, you should with that talent!! Best wishes Phyllis bush

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