Or more correctly titled: “The Shire Seen” is an up and coming exhibition extravaganza! It’s a two-man show including myself and fellow Lincoln based artist, Fraser Scarfe.

Lincoln Cathedral: Eastern Aspect

From the Cathedral’s Newsletter:

“Lincoln Cathedral’s Chapter House is due this summer to become the venue for an exhibition of paintings by two of Lincoln’s finest artists, Fraser Scarfe and Greg Kapka. “The Shire Seen” previews the evening of Friday the 27th of July and is magnificent in its scope, celebratory in nature, and encompasses the still-life, portraiture and landscape genres. The show distils Lincolnshire’s countryside and fine buildings, its people, its places and even its history into a series of paintings not to be missed.”


The exhibition is on until Sunday the 5th of August in Lincoln Cathedral’s Chapter House and is open daily from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.