One ever knew, after all, now did one now did one now did one

After All One Never Knew Now Did One – oil on panel, 260mm x 560mm © 2012


This year’s B.P. Portrait Award rigmarole took a back seat to Project Cathedral procrastination, and so passed by largely unnoticed. Except for the hole-in-the-wallet side effects the award induces – what with the entry fees climbing each year, the framing of the work and the lugging it down to London on the train and back &c., &c. – which once added up is quite and chunk of change especially when you aren’t really sure if the whole competition thing is worth it in the first place.

Sour grapes notwithstanding though, here was my entry this year – a rather solipsistic infinite portraits of myself!

As ever, click images to embiggen.

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Thankfully I didn’t have to paint quite as many hands, the viewing angle solved that potential nightmare. Here then are the two of the two and a half I did have to paint, close up:

Self Portrait - Hands Detail


But so with nothing better to do this particular reject now hangs on a lonely hook I found existing almost unviewably high on my studio wall, with the picture in its occasional occupation as a hat stand:


Roll on next year?

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