Widow’s Peak

The watercolours of John Singer Sargent

Or – Happy Birthday to Me!


My luthier girlfriend bought me that book up there, which will probably go a long way toward frustrating me due to his general other-worldly-ability with watercolour, and probably not go anywhere near as long a way toward the improving my own water-colouring.

It certainly will improve the look of my bookshelf however, which already groans under the weight of Sargent literature:


That snazzy red trolley though does in fact literally groan under the heft of that lot – and I’ve still yet to get hold of this & this

…and this & this & this

…oh and these two.

Post Script:

Actually – ignore those last two. I’ve just bought them.


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  1. Have you seen the Mr Been sketch where he goes to a resturant and gives himself a card? Happy Birthday

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